The plant is situated in Torbalı on 1.000.000 sqm with the indoor usage area of 85.000 sqm, has the production capacity of 100.000 tons of potato products, fruit & vegetable products and pastry & coated products per year which makes Özgörkey A.Ş. the biggest potato, fruit & vegetable manufacturer. Also, Özgörkey A.Ş. has the cold room storage capacity of 30.000 tons finish product at -25C and 30.000 tons of raw materials at 0 - 4C.

With the advantages of the technological assets and having the highest hygiene and quality standards Özgörkey A.Ş. is a customer focused company serving for the customer satisfaction by the Feast brand on frozen potato – fruit – vegetable – coated – pastry products. The high quality standards of the products have been established by the concept of the global quality values by considering the future extent of the frozen food sector.

Özgörkey A.Ş. has the main principal to maintain the consistency of the high quality products as well as high quality service for its customers by “customer focused sales system”. In order to meet the commitment to its customers the whole process is being controlled by computerised network and hygiene standards, from farms to the storage units.