Good Agricultural Practices is a priority in Ozgorkey. The company is aware that high quality production starts with high quality raw material which is produced with modern growing and harvesting techniques. A large group of Agricultural Engineers and technicians are working continuously with our farmers throughout all crops seasons. Ozgorkey considers its farmers as a part of the family selecting suppliers according to their location, agricultural knowledge and establishes long term relationships.

All potato raw material is obtained from contracted farmers. The geographic and climate advantages of our country are appreciated by obtaining most of the raw material directly to the plant from field.

More than 80% of the vegetable raw material is produced under a contract; while the rest is carefully obtained from free market. Technological and economical assets are supplied to the farmers to increase the crop quality.

In order to get higher yield varieties in the process agricultural research and development studies have led Ozgorkey to establish a new company, Öztar Tohumculuk A.Ş., aimed solely to perform in this field. Öztar is registered by Ministry of Agriculture and Village as ‘‘Private Sector Agricultural Research Foundation’’. Öztar laboratories and greenhouse facilities are located within the Torbalı campus.